Chris Van Hof

Trombonist-Educator-Music Arranger


summary - please read if you choose to download

This presentation has a target audience primarily of doctoral and master's candidates in music who are interested in teaching at the college level. The focus is primarily geared towards performance/studio positions, but could certainly be applicable to academic positions (history, theory, music education).

The reason I feel both compelled and qualified to offer this presentation is based on my experiences at the front lines of the academic job market in recent years. In addition to interviewing for, being offered, and accepting four teaching positions at four different institutions (two of them tenure-track, including my current job), I have had success at getting interviews for various other positions. I have learned a lot from my failures on the job market as both a freelancer and as an academic, and I feel strongly that both my successes and failures give me a unique perspective in this very narrow field.

While the fully fleshed-out concepts are not all present on the lecture slides I have linked above, I want to make them public for those interested, as well as to alleviate attendees to the presentation from the need to write down/remember everything.

And while I am knowingly posting these slides online to the public, I ask that you respect them as my intellectual property. If you choose to use any of these concepts in your own presenting and teaching on the topic, please reference my work.

Finally, there are a few bullet points that are humorous and tongue-in-cheek. They won't make sense just from reading the slides, so just ask about the joke to my thousands of loyal Instagram followers (case in point).